What was I thinking???

You know that feeling when you get to a point in life and you’re wondering what to do? You know you want to mix things up a little??? You have an idea, you plan it, you get prepped, then you hesitate, but… you have to collect yourself, take a deep breath and go…Over The Edge

Let me explain…

2017 an idea was hatched to learn to Skydive. It coincided nicely with my 50th, so I thought “Why not, it’s a bit different!” Besides, rather than getting back on a rapid set of 2 wheels again after years of lay off, I figured I was safer accelerating vertically towards earth at 120mph, rather than trying to avoid other metal objects on the road!

I checked the stats, the evidence to date, assessed the risks…Skydiving was and is, the safer option!

The actual thinking behind it was...

A dream to travel to global drop-zones, to live that free-flow life – possibly influenced by highly edited, serenely beautiful Skydiving videos you watch on YouTube. You know, the ones where the sun’s setting on the curved horizon!

Note to self… there’s nothing serene about the first time they open the door, shout those words “Ready to Skydive?” whilst you’re acclimatising to the noise, the wind rush, the view from 12,000 ft and the incredible sensory overload! Whilst thinking (yes I did)…where’s the ambient tunes in the background???

So, going forward, the ‘idea’ developed into integrating the lessons learnt into my coaching business. To pass on the experience of dealing with extreme fear, how to harness it and how it can help you develop as you move through life!

Fancy seeing what it looks like when you put a human
in a gravity induced, spin cycle???

I got better, then this happened. I thought I was ready, I wasn't!

Life will push you backwards at times!
Getting back up and trying again
is the way to grow forwards!

If you stay down... nothing will change!
Embrace the lessons... everything changes!

The Reality...

The whole process has been a MASSIVE test of patience! The weather, available jump slots, fitting in with work commitments, plus a pandemic thrown into the mix! Now 4 years from conception to striking distance of the first milestone – becoming an ‘A’ Licensed Skydiver… one more jump to go!

During this period, the lessons learnt have successfully been taken forward into delivering my services for a range of people, businesses and life circumstances!

The Next Step...

Once I gain my A-Licence, the next step will be to progress further to get my jump numbers up, to hone the basics of what I’ve learnt, to help me become more competent, proficient and skilful in the air!

Beyond that, I’ll be looking to  partner with others, who understand ‘Fear based learning’ is such a powerful catalyst for change and resource for dealing with life and business ‘challenges’. Over time I expect this approach will form into a particular business model in it’s own unique way!

For now… it’s down to the UK weather and a whole heap of patience, to get the next step covered off!

Like the idea of partnering in some way, get in touch, let's chat...