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The ‘subject of business’ is vast and varied. One person’s opinion can be completely at odds with another, depending on what their understanding, experiences and attitudes towards business are.

Here’s my flip from being around business for over 30 years…

The ‘thing’ that REALLY matters is how you, I, we, show up (in whatever context). How we deliver value to the world and how we are proportionately remunerated for that value exchange.

Put the ‘shiny’ aside for one moment, it comes down to…

“Will people buy my stuff, will the world see the value I bring and will it provide me, you, them with the necessary ingredients to live a life well lived?” That’s the rub!

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Curiosity | Opportunity | Growth

These 3 words have been at the heart of my entire career. Everything about what I’ve done has been because of my natural curiosity, my desire for opportunities that create growth for myself, those I serve and the ‘bigger picture’.

This all happened in and around change making, risk taking, owner operators and entrepreneurs. Those who ‘did business’ and lived life on their terms! As a consequence, I’ve applied myself to a broad range of businesses and service offerings.

I’m not just ‘one thing’. I’m the culmination of all the people, professions and disciplines that’ve been present in my life, that I’ve experienced, or absorbed by association! I learnt about the many benefits of empowering people, leveraging systems, creating multiple incomes, adapting, never to be afraid to change something if it’s not working!

Connections | Conversations | Collaborations

Through ALL of it, one thing shone through… I’m really good with people! To me and others, that’s a great asset! Fundamentally, when you remove credentials and ‘socially conditioned statuses’… BUSINESS at the core IS all about PEOPLE. How to get the best from them and for them. Where EVERYONE in the equation WINS.

Since Sept 2019 I’ve ‘intentionally’ navigated the online world. Watching and learning how others show up and promote themselves in this ‘interesting digital landscape’. To say it’s been revealing, would be an understatement! 

During this time I chose to start sharing my ‘back catalogue of human and business experience’, with what I’ve learnt from serving others in the ‘bricks and mortar world’. Sharing truths, from succeeding to f#cking up, building back up again and everything in between. The mindset required, what you learn about yourself in the process, who you can trust and who to avoid!

Truths | Growth | Transformation

I’ve seen many ‘online experts selling stories’ that have absolutely no substance, relevance and real life application. Most of it has been about the shiny offers! It’s rare for any of them to say it like it is, so I felt compelled to start sharing my approach of how FOCUSING ON YOUR TRUTHS (even those ones!), CREATES GROWTH and  ENABLES TRANSFORMATION!  

Some wondered what I was doing, some still do, it doesn’t matter, I’m LIVING IN MY TRUTHS, doing business my way. A way that resonates with other humans and that’s what matters to me.

Doing business your way, the way that suits you, aligned with your unique offerings, in a way that says “Yes, this is me!” is vital if you’re to fully SHOW UP AS YOU. It took me a long time to figure this out, hopefully what I share may help you ‘get there’ sooner!

If this resonates, let’s see if we can ‘do some business together?’ 

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