Who am I?

I’m Martin and I like creating opportunities for growth, where everybody in the equation wins. I believe in fair practice, straight talking and removing the BS from life and business.

I’m interested in seeing if you and I can work together in a way that brings value to both our worlds. You win, I win, those we care about win, we all win!

I am not...

  • A global superstar (yet) who’s got it all sorted, who lives the life that others can only dream of!
  • A business owner who has a big ‘team of experts’ to do their stuff for them, from admin to hairstyling – clearly!
  • Someone who encourages you to ‘do stuff’ that he’s not tried himself and hasn’t got a clue about!
  • A ‘BS pedalling entrepreneur’ who has no interest in you other than ‘getting your money’
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This is me...

  • Always GROWTH focused, in thinking, actions and intent
  • 53yrs of working out life, love, grief, success, failure & gratitude
  • A practical business owner who prefers ‘we’ focus over ‘me’ focus¬†
  • Experienced bankruptcy, and understands the lessons from it
  • Someone who knows humour can make ‘it’ better
  • Definitely stays away from BS and drama, other than to call it out!
  • The grumpy one who didn’t want a dog…that’s changed!
  • Started Skydiving @50 – facing fears shows others what’s possible!
  • Lives by this – “For things to get better, YOU have to get better!”
  • Knows that to build legacy, it helps to do it with others!

What this means for you...

Living out your LIFE STRATEGY requires GROWTH across every aspect of your life. It requires an honest look at who you are, how that happened, and more importantly, WHO YOU ARE BECOMING.

That takes working with someone you can TRUST, who will not shy away from uncomfortable conversations, who KNOWS that when you embrace your TRUTHS, focus on the GROWTH that will come and deliver the TRANSFORMATION you seek.

YOUR BUSINESS is an extension of this exact same principle. The fundamentals of COACHING are at the core of this GROWTH. People who work on themselves and their business, become ALIGNED with their purpose.

Let's keep you updated...